The sunset is the perfect setting for romantic moments and Tuscany is the ideal place for a romantic getaway, especially when organizing trips for Valentine’s Day. Combining the two, the perfect couple’s holiday can only come out.

On Valentine’s Day, couples are increasingly choosing to spend two days relaxing in Chianti to enjoy refined food and wine experiences and the tranquility of the area.
You don’t necessarily need the summer heat to enjoy the pristine beauty of the Tuscan countryside, on the contrary: winter gives us equally suggestive atmospheres and surprising colors. Treating yourself to a Chianti tour on Valentine’s Day, with peaceful walks through the ancient villages can be an opportunity to discover hidden views, breathtaking views and, above all, spend quality time with your loved one.

Thanks to the morning fog, you will be given postcard views, made of cypresses, old farmhouses, castles, and barren hills. Walking through the ancient villages is a very pleasant activity in this season, without the typical summer crowd and full of suggestions and the possibility of getting to know this beautiful territory.

If you prefer to enjoy the warmth of closed places, there is no better opportunity than a visit to a cellar, between the barrels and the scent of wine. On these occasions, you can enjoy an in-depth visit and dedicated tastings, where you can learn a lot about Tuscan wine culture. And also to taste good wine, typical of these areas and renowned all over the world.


Choosing Chianti on Valentine’s Day is not a bad idea apparently. The important thing is that being the winter season, you start off prepared: choosing an organized tour allows you to have no surprises on the openings and closings of museums and wineries and to optimize travel time and visits to the various villages. In this way, you can fully enjoy the experience without having to worry about anything else.

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