The Origins of Caffé Giubbe Rosse


Located within Piazza della Repubblica, the story of Caffé Giubbe Rosse started when two German brothers opened a Viennese styled brewery in 1896. Originally named “Reininghaus Brewery”, the German brothers styled the waiters’ outfits in Viennese fashion. After these outfits had become a staple of the cafe, in 1910 the owners had changed the name to “Giubbe Rosse”, meaning Red Jackets, as the waiters’ uniform were red jackets as seen on the right. 

Within the first couple decades of Caffé Giubbe Rosse became an intelectual hotspot, bringing in writers, artists, and chess players. The cafe hosted a popular chess club in which Vladimir Lenin participated in briefly, 

Literary History

Caffé Giubbe Rosse had hosted countless admired literati and been the headquarters of the Futurist movement. The Futurist movement was an artistic movement that “aimed to liberate Italy from the weight of its past”. Futurists glorified modernism and emphasized speed, technological growth, youth, and industrialization. Futurist paintings were often abstract and colorful illustrating a separation from the current works of art, of older origin.



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