Eco-tours are an innovative way to enjoy our favorite city! Florence is one of the most important cities in Italy from an artistic, cultural point of view. But also from an ecological one! For several years, the Tuscan capital has been striving to become an even greener city. That in aim and be able to stem the problems associated with environmental pollution. The tramway and public transport reorganization are just an example of this green development.

So, because of the large tourist number in the city, we thought of creating an innovative tour.  This is a tourist tour that can show the beauty of the city ecologically and sustainably. But without giving up comfortability and easiness.
Our Eco-tours are not only a way to admire and get educated about the most important attractions in Florence. It is also a way to travel through the centuries and discover the city’s great works and stories.

eco-tours values

This kind of tours are an eco-sustainable way of visiting Florence. Whether you choose the traditional bicycle or the electric golf cart, you have certainly done a favor for the environment and to yourself too. The ecological tours aim at sustainable development of the tourist visit, avoiding unnecessary emissions and reducing the environmental impact. An innovative and environmentally friendly way to visit the city, perfect for the traveler who wants to enjoy a complete cultural experience, without disturbing the ecosystem.
A completely different perspective than the classic walking tour. And that because:

• less tiring,
• fun, thanks to the golf car dynamism,
• interactive, thanks to the narrative involvement in the audio guide,
• suitable for those with walking difficulties,
• engaging and able to entertain even the little ones.

ECO-TOURs: why to choose ’em

Eco-tours are an innovative and entertaining way to visit Florence.
If the idea of the usual walking tour bores you, you can skip the edge of a golf car, and one of our professional drivers will ride you around the city. In the meantime, you can enjoy a relaxing tour of Florence comfortably seated, while listening to an MP3 audio guide

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