La Luminara di San Ranieri

La Luminara di San Ranieri is the most anticipated moment of the year by Pisans. On June 16th,  everything along the Arno River in Pisa is illuminated with 100,000 wax candles, then topped off with fireworks starting around 11:00 PM and lasting around 30 minutes.

Following this day, the Pisani, the locals of Pisa, have a feast celebrating Ranieri degli Scaccieri. This event is truly one of a kind and a must-see when visiting Italy in the summer.

The most beautiful aspect of this celebration is how the fireworks and the lights on the houses and streets reflect off of the perfectly still Arno River.


This celebration on June 16th was initially celebrated in 1688 when the urn containing the ashes of Ranieri degli Scaccieri, was moved to the Pisa Cathedral.

Ranieri degli Scaccieri was born in 1118 to a wealthy merchant family, and lived in frivolity until he met Alberto, a hermit. At 19, Alberto had inspired him to abandon his riches and live in complete poverty while devoting his life to God through bodily mortification, resisting all tendencies that lead to sin.

In order to do this Ranieri degli Scaccieri had moved to the holy land, a region between the mediterranean sea and the Jordan River, for many years. He returned to Pisa in 1154, then passed away on June 17th, 1161.

This day had become a profound celebration of Pisa’s history and heritage, celebrating religion, belonging, and  community.

Regata di San Ranieri: Pisa’s Rowing Competition

On June 17th, the day following La luminara di San Ranieri, four boats each representing the historic parts of the city, set out on a race down the Arno River at 7 PM.

Each boat contains 8 rowers, the helmsman, and the fitter, who race their boat 1,500 meters against the current, down the river. They start at the Cittadella Bridge, and finish at the Scalo dei Renaioli.

Representing each district is San Francesco (yellow boat), San Martino (red boat), Santa Maria (sky blue boat), and Sant’Antonio (green boat)

Wanna join? It's an amazing Tour!